Friday, October 1, 2010

Tart de Citron. Part deux.

Due to popular demand, I'll now post the recipe (which I had so hoped to keep secret) for my tart de citron.

First of all, you can use a ready-made pie crust (give yourself 2 stars for being a "slice and bake cookie" kinda gal) or you can make a home-made traditional pie crust (that's three stars for your "from stratchiness") OR a home-made graham cracker crust (4 stars for you, since one could arguably eat a dog poo pie if it were in a good enough graham cracker crust).

I frequently make mine in mini tart shells (as pictured) since I tend to share them, and I like built in portion control (that's 5 stars for me for being an original super genius not unlike Martha Stewart but without the snootiness - or jail time.).

Now, here is the rest of the recipe:

1 cup sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch
1 cup milk
3 egg yolks, beaten
1/4 cup butter (if you use margarine I will key your car and tell everyone your boobs are fake)
1T lemon zest
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 cup sour cream
Garnish (fresh whipped cream or home-made candied lemon peel as pictured)
(Please don't ask me for my recipe for candied lemon peel.  It's called google, people.)

If you make pies at all you are probably familiar with the basic custard cooking method: milk, sugar and cornstarch are blended and cooked over MH heat until mixture starts to thicken, then reduce heat and cook  2 more minutes (ps- unless you like scabby pie you will NOT stop stirring).   Remove from heat, temper yolks, add yolks, bring to boil then 2 more minutes of cooking.  Should be very thick by now.

Remove from heat, stir in butter and zest then juice.  Cover and cool completely.  Fold in sour cream and fill shell(s), then refrigerate for at least 2 hours.  That's it.  You can also use the custard as a filling between layers of white or lemon cake, or you can slather it all over yourself and wait for your husband to come home.

By the way, if you like this sort of thing, I'd like to highly recommend to you the newest book by Jennifer Chandler, simply suppers.  I got a copy for my birthday, and it is some fantastic comfort food.  Makes chicken cordon bleu look as easy as Tuna Helper.  I made her potato chip chicken tenders - yes, you read correctly FREEKIN POTATO CHIP CHICKEN TENDERS - for the family last weekend.  I thought the children were actually going to pool their allowance and commission a bronze in both our honors.  Got some great desserts in there too.  You can keep up with her on facebook (Cook with Jennifer...Good Food Simply) or follow her on twitter @cookwjennifer.

PS- She's a Memphis gal.  I've met her.  She's nice; you would like her.

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